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Publication: New Molecular Pathways feature published in Clinical Cancer Research

Thomas R. Cox, Jul 2014


Image: Clinical Cancer Research; Molecular Pathways – Connecting Fibrosis and Solid Tumour Metastasis

My Molecular Pathways feature has just been accepted for publication in Clinical Cancer Research. Titled Molecular Pathways: Connecting Fibrosis and Solid Tumor Metastasis it discusses the current and recent work in the field looking at the overlap between mechanisms underlying two pathological diseases; cancer and tissue fibrosis.  Continue reading

Publication: New Mini-Review published in Tumor Microenvironment and Therapy

Thomas R. Cox, Dec 2012


My recent mini-review has just been published in Tumor Microenvironment and Therapy. The review is titled “Network biology and the 3-Dimensional tumor microenvironment: personalizing medicine for the future” and discusses the importance of applying network biology approaches to physiologically relevant 3-Dimensional models of cancer and cancer metastasis. Continue reading

Publication: New Review published in Nature Reviews Cancer

Thomas R. Cox, Aug 2012

My review on the potential of therapeutic targeting of the Lysyl Oxidase (LOX) family in cancer has just been published in this months edition of Nature Reviews Cancer.

Our review discusses the recent breakthroughs which have been made in understanding the role of Lysyl Oxidase and its related family members in cancer initiation, progression and metastasis, and the progress which is being made into targeting these molecules in cancer treatment

Nature Reviews Cancer

Image: Nature Reviews Cancer; The multiple intracellular and extracellular roles of LOX and LOX family members in cancer cell signalling, transcription and translation.

Continue reading

Publication: New Review published in BoneKEy Reports

Thomas R. Cox, May 2012

My short review titled “The pre-metastatic niche: is metastasis random?” has just been published in the Nature series BoneKEy Reports.


Image: BoneKEy Reports; The pre-metastatic niche and disease progression

In this short review we discuss the importance of the pre-metastatic niche in facilitating metastatic organ specificity and the implications behind this seemingly sinister series of events. How tumour cells are able to colonise often physiologically distinct and hostile secondary environments remains an important question in metastasis research. Continue reading

Publication: New Perspective in Disease Models and Mechanisms

Thomas R. Cox, Mar 2011

My recent perspective on the importance of remodelling and homeostasis in the extracellular matrix and the implications for fibrotic diseases and cancer has just been published in the journal Disease Models and Mechanisms.

The role of LOX in tumor progression.

Image: Disease Models and Mechanisms; The role of LOX in tumor progression.

In this perspective we discuss the importance of the extracellular matrix (ECM) and it’s role in Continue reading