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News: Anti-fibrotic LOX family inhibitor program to progress to Phase Ib trial

Thomas R. Cox, Oct 2019

Following a successful Phase Ia trial of their oral anti-fibrotic systemic LOX inhibitor, Pharmaxis are now moving into a Phase Ib multiple ascending dose (MAD) study in healthy volunteers.

This is an exciting time for the Matrix and Metastasis team as we have been collaborating closely with Pharmaxis recently in developing a pre-clinical portfolio to help build a case for potentially transitioning this compound through to a clinical trial in pancreatic cancer patients. Pharmaxis is already seeking to progress this compound in the myelofibrosis space, and so working with our team, we are exploring the potential for this exciting anti-fibrotic compound in other cancer settings.

Pharmaxis Systemic LOX inhibitor

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News: Anti-fibrotic LOX family inhibitor program to commence Phase I trials

Thomas R Cox, Nov 2018

We’re exited to reveal that we have been working hard with Pharmaxis on the development of their lysyl oxidase (LOX) systemic inhibitor for the potential use as a stromal co-targeting agent in pancreatic cancer.

Pharmaxis has developed an oral drug that inhibits all LOX family members, and which has shown to lead to significant reductions in fibrosis (scarring) in in-vivo models of kidney fibrosis, lung fibrosis, myelofibrosis and now with our help, in models of pancreatic cancer.

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