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Funding: Cancer Council NSW Project Grant

Thomas R. Cox, Mar 2019

Cancer Council NSW grants for innovative cancer research


Great news! The Matrix & Metastasis Lab been awarded a three-year project grant from Cancer Council NSW to explore a new combination approach to treating pancreatic cancer.

The project will look at how to target the Lysyl Oxidase (LOX) family of enzymes in in pancreatic cancer with the goal of improving outcomes in patients.

Pancreatic cancer has one of the poorest survival rates of all cancer, with only 25% of people surviving one year after diagnosis and only 8% for five years. This project will look at the tissue in and around pancreatic cancers, which can affect how successful chemotherapy treatment is in a patient.

The aim is to combining biology and engineering to generate 3D models that mimic tumours, along with cutting edge imaging technology and mouse models, to investigate the potential of co-targeting the Lysyl Oxidase family together with already approved cancer drugs to improve patient outcome.

Thomas Cox CCNSW Awards Evening

Dr Thomas Cox receiving the award on behalf of the team at CCNSW’s annual Research Awards Evening.

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Winner of the 2016 Herbert Tabor Young Investigator Award

Thomas R. Cox, Nov 2016

Herbert Tabor Young Investigator Award

It is an absolute honour to announce that I was awarded the Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC) Herbert Tabor Young Investigator Award at the 2016 Matrix Biology Society of Australia and New Zealand (MBSANZ) conference.

The JBC Herbert Tabor Young Investigator Awards are meant to honour Dr. Tabor’s invaluable contributions to the journal and to science as a whole. The awards recognise the innovators and achievers in new generations of researchers who exemplify his values of creativity and scientific excellence. Continue reading

1st place AMSBio poster prize at Beatson International Cancer Conference

Thomas R. Cox, Aug 2013


Image courtesy of News-Medical.Net

The two winners of the AMSBio Poster Prize for the best posters at this years Beatson International Cancer Conference (7–10 July 2013) were Dr Thomas R. Cox and co-researchers for their work on ‘Deep proteomic analysis of the hypoxic secretome lysyl oxidase as a critical mediator of metastatic lesion formation in bone’, and Continue reading

3rd place in MedImmune’s European Cancer Research Awards

Thomas R. Cox, Nov 2010

Today MedImmune announced the winners of its second annual European Cancer Research competition which highlights the research of the next generation of scientific leaders in cancer research.

Students and postdoctoral fellows from across Europe were invited to submit abstracts describing their research in the field of tumour microenvironments as part of the competition sponsored by MedImmune, AstraZeneca’s global biologics unit, which has a research facility in Cambridge, the United Kingdom.

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