Award: St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation Award to Elysse

Thomas R. Cox, Nov 2019

I’m delighted to announce that Elysse from the Matrix and Metastasis Team has just been awarded the St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation K&A Collins Cancer Research Award.

Elysse_SVCF_AwardThe St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation was established in 1992 to further the educational and research objectives of St Vincent’s Clinic and the surrounding precinct. The Foundation provides much-needed seed funding towards real research projects for real people including medical, basic and multidisciplinary research. The Awards are given to support bright young researchers who can put their research into real-world practise to improve patient care and health outcomes for the community.

The award which was announced at the annual Sandra David Oration, will give Elysse the opportunity (and $50,000 of seed funding) to further her novel work to find new and effective treatments for breast cancer to improve the clinical care and outcomes for patients.

Project Synopsis:

Breast Cancer is the second largest cause of cancer related death in Australian women. Triple negative breast cancer in particular remains the most difficult subtype to treat, due to the lack of targeted therapies. Current therapies rely on whole-body delivery of chemotherapy agents, which can often be an ineffective treatment method. Elysse will explore how coupling nanoparticles to the standard-of-care breast cancer chemotherapy can improve the targeted delivery specifically to tumour tissue in order to improve the effectiveness of treatment.

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