Award: MBSANZ Paper of the Month

Thomas R. Cox, Oct 2019

I am pleased to reveal that our recent paper in Nature Communications was just awarded the Paper of the Month award for September by the Matrix Biology Society of Australia and New Zealand (MBSANZ).

Nature Communications - s41467-019-10968-6

The Matrix Biology Society of Australia and New Zealand (MBSANZ) was established to foster research on all aspects of the extracellular matrix. With over 100 members, the society embraces a broad spectrum of scientific interests including:

  • The physical, chemical and structural analysis of matrix macromolecules
  • The identification of perturbations in the extracellular matrix which cause disease
  • Mechanisms of regulating matrix synthesis, assembly and degradation
  • The biology of cell-matrix and matrix-matrix interactions and their roles in modulating development and disease

The Paper of the Month award aims to identify leading matrix biology research occurring with the society, and recognise both its impact and facilitate promoting this research in order to foster a collaborative research network beyond the society.

The paper published in Nature Communications was co-authored by several other MBSANZ members including Paul Timpson, Zehra Elgundi and John Whitelock.

More details on the society including how to join can be found here.

More details on the award and how to apply can be found here.