Matrix: Dissolved – ABC Radio Network Health Report

ABC Radio National LogoThomas R. Cox, Jul 2017

I was recently invited to chat with Norman Swan on ABC Radio National’s Health report about some of the recent work we have been doing on the Extracellular Matrix in cancer.

The extracellular matrix or the matrix is the web- or mesh-like structure that encases the cells in the tissues and organs of our body.

ISDoT - Decellularised Extracellular Matrix

Image: Mayorca-Guiliani AE, Madsen CD, Cox TR et al. Nature Medicine (2017)

We recently developed a new technique which dissolves the cells from tumours to leave behind this matrix, allowing us to study it in unprecedented detail – and we discuss the potential of these research outcomes.

For example, the matrix controls tumour growth, so our new technique has the potential to break new ground for cancer research.

The Health Report is for both specialist and mainstream audiences and seeks to put health research and medicine within social, scientific and political contexts.

Norman is both presenter of the Health Report, the longest running health programme in the English speaking world, and a multi-award winning producer and broadcaster. Despite these daunting accolades, it was a fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable experience all round.

You can listen to our chat here

Thomas Cox Interview on The Health Report on ABC Radio National

You can find out more about the original research we discussed here