Invited Speaker at 17th Amine Oxidase Conference 2016 #AOC2016

Thomas R. Cox, Jul 2016

The 17th biennial International Amine Oxidase Conference kicks off today in Birmingham UK. This meeting brings together leading academic and industrial scientists from around the world. The aim, like all scientific conferences, is to provide a platform for exchange of ideas, establishing and strengthening collaborations, and for the networking and education of both PhD students and post-doctoral researchers.


I’m very exited to have been invited to speak at this conference on the work I have been doing on Lysyl Oxidase (one of many amine oxidases) in cancer.

My talk will be titled “Lysyl oxidase in cancer progression and metastasis” and will discuss highlights of my recent work looking at how Lysyl Oxidase, which is over produced by cancer cells, is important in helping cancers such as breast, colorectal and pancreatic cancer to spread around the body.

A full programme of speakers and further information can be found here

What are amine oxidases?

Amine oxidases are a group of molecular machines that are produced by cells, the building blocks of our bodies. These molecular machines have a special responsibility for making changes to other molecules, both inside and outside cells. The changes they make are required to make sure that many of the molecules in our body function properly at the right time. In fact, these little molecular machines are extremely important in development, and also ensuring that organs function properly in adulthood.

When things go wrong however, such as when cells produce too many, or too few amine oxidases, it leads to the onset of diseases such as cancer and fibrosis. Understanding the role of amine oxidases both in normal situations, and also in diseases such as cancer and fibrosis, will help us to develop therapies to improve patient outcome.

Anyone attending the meeting who wishes to get in touch can contact me here or tweet me @thomasrcox