Invited speaker at #AACR16 Annual Meeting

Thomas R. Cox, Apr 2016

I’m delighted to say that I will be giving a talk at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) annual meeting in New Orleans (16-20th April)

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AACR Annual Meeting 2016 – New Orleans

My talk will be part of one of the Major Symposia (SY32) on Pre-Metastatic Niches, Exosomes, and Tumor-Secreted Factors

The session runs Wed Apr 20, 9:45 – 11:30 AM in Room 393 of the Morial Convention Center


The AACR Annual Meeting is one of the largest meetings of cancer researchers in the world and is seen as a leading forum to present and discuss cancer-related research. It typically attracts somewhere in the region of 20,000 participants from all around the world. There are over ~5,000 abstracts submitted and over 250 talks given on all aspects of basic, clinical and translational cancer research over the 5 days. In addition to this, there is an extensive array of  workshops, networking events and educational programs.

My talk will be titled “ECM Remodelling at the Pre-Metastatic Niche: Implications for Lysyl Oxidase in Metastasis Organotropism” and will discuss highlights of my recent work looking at how cancer cells remodel sites of future metastasis in order to increase their ability to spread around the body.

Session description

As a new perspective of the “seed and soil” hypothesis, tumors induce molecular and cellular changes that promote the formation of pre-metastatic niches in distant organ sites that are conducive for future tumor cell survival and outgrowth. Pre-metastatic niches are the result of the combined systemic effects of tumor-secreted factors that act upon distant resident stromal cells and the recruitment of non-resident cells, such as bone marrow-derived myeloid progenitor cells. In this session, we highlight recent advancements made in understanding the systemic effects of tumor-secreted factors, such as lysyl oxidase, and extracellular vesicles, such as exosomes, in pre-metastatic niche formation as prime effectors of organotropic metastasis.

Anyone attending who wishes to meet up then get in touch here

More information on the AACR Annual Meeting can be found here