New hope for breast cancer patients: Recent Press Coverage

Thomas R. Cox, Jun 2015

Breast cancer enzyme (LOX) paves the way for the spread of cancer cells to the bone

Nature Hypoxic Secretome Bisphosphonates LOX Cox

Here is a selection of the press releases and media coverage to date regarding our recent Nature paper where you can read, and watch more about our work.
(Updated 27th June 2015)

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*For those readers without access to the full article, please contact me directly for a copy

Television and Video Coverage

DR1 News Television piece (Danish) – Link
Sheffield Live! Vimeo – Link
Newsy (News with the why) Youtube – Link

There have also been interviews with Dr Alison Gartland from Sheffield University who co-led the study on BBC Radio 5 live, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire, BBC Radio Sheffield, BBC Radio Wales, Yorkshire Radio and LBC Radio

Academic Highlights

News and Views, Nature
‘Cancer: Opening LOX to metastasis’
by Neta Erez,  Nature (2015) doi:10.1038/nature14529. (View)

Research Highlight, Nature Reviews Cancer
LOX does some prepping‘ by M. Teresa Villanueva, Nature Reviews Cancer (2015)
doi:10.1038/nrc3976 (View)

Editors Choice, Science Signalling
‘LOX induces a metastatic niche’ by Annalisa M. VanHook, Science Signaling (2015)
doi: 10.1126/scisignal.aac7349 (View)

Research Highlight, Nature Reviews Endocrinology
New insights into bone homeostasis and metastases‘, Nature Reviews Endocrinology (2015)
doi:10.1038/nrendo.2015.99 (View)

Cancer Discovery News
Hypoxia-Induced Lysyl Oxidase Generates Premetastatic Osteolytic Lesions‘ Cancer Discovery (2015)
doi: 10.1158/2159-8290.CD-RW2015-107 (View)

Faculty of 1000 (F1000Prime) Recommendation and Review

Institute Press Releases and Coverage

Biotech Research & Innovation Centre (BRIC), University of Copenhagen, Denmark ‘Enzyme paves the way for the spread of cancer cells to bones’ (View)

University Post, University of Copenhagen, Denmark ‘Enzyme discovery will help the fight against breast cancer’ (View)

Uniavisen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark ‘KU-forskers opdagelse kan redde patienter med fremskreden brystkræft’ (View) (In Danish)

Sheffield University, UK ‘Scientists identify key to preventing secondary cancers’ (View)

Institute of Cancer Research, London, UK ‘Scientists identify key to preventing secondary cancers’ (View)

Funder Press Releases

Kræftens Bekæmpelse (Danish Cancer Research Society) ‘Enzym baner kræftcellers vej til knoglerne’ (View) (In Danish)

Breast Cancer Now ‘Scientists identify key to preventing secondary cancers’ (View)

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) ‘Researchers uncover how breast cancer can spread to bone’ (View)

Newspapers and Online Media 

BBC News Breast cancer ‘alters bone to help it spread’ (View) ‘Sådan spreder brystkræft sig til knoglerne’ (View) (In Danish)

Berlingske ‘Kræft breder sig til knoglerne ad snu vej’ (View) (In Danish)

Science Nordic Scientists discover enzyme that allows cancer to spread into bone’ (View)

NHS Choices ‘New discovery about how breast cancer spreads into bones’ (View)

The Telegraph  ‘Breast cancer could be ‘stopped in tracks’ by cheap drugs’ (View)

The Independent ‘Scientists discover mechanism that could stop breast cancer spreading to bones’ (View)

The Guardian ‘Breast cancer could be ‘stopped in its tracks’ by new technique, say scientists’ (View)

The Times ‘£1-a-day drug could block new tumours’ (View)

Wall Street OTC ‘Breast cancer tumors erode the bone to ease their spread, study shows’ (View)

The Yorkshire Post ‘Scientists hail new breast cancer discovery’ (View)

The Daily Mail ‘Thousands of breast cancer patients could be saved by £1 osteoporosis drug after scientists discover it stops the disease spreading to the bones’ (View)

Huffington Post UK ‘Have Scientists Found A Way To Stop Breast Cancer Spreading To Bones?’ (View)

Yahoo News UK & Ireland ‘Bid to halt breast cancer spread’ (View)

RT ‘Osteoporosis drug protects bones from breast cancer metastasis’ (View)

Yibada (English Version) ‘Cancer Cure News: Discovery Of Enzyme-Sending Tumors Could Lead To Breast Cancer Treatments’ (View)

EurekAlert! ‘Scientists identify key to preventing secondary cancers’ (View)

redOrbit ‘Osteoporosis medicine may prevent secondary cancers’ (View) ‘Bid to halt breast cancer spread’ (View)

Other coverage

Healthline News
Science World Report
International Business Times
Medical News Today

MSN News Today
My Science
Middle East Post
Doncaster Free Press
Medical Daily

Bath Chronicle
Thorne and District Gazette
Rocket News
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MD Linx
Nature World News
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