1st place AMSBio poster prize at Beatson International Cancer Conference

Thomas R. Cox, Aug 2013


Image courtesy of News-Medical.Net

The two winners of the AMSBio Poster Prize for the best posters at this years Beatson International Cancer Conference (7–10 July 2013) were Dr Thomas R. Cox and co-researchers for their work on ‘Deep proteomic analysis of the hypoxic secretome lysyl oxidase as a critical mediator of metastatic lesion formation in bone’, and Dr Jean Albrengues & co-researchers for their work on ‘Production of LIF cytokine by cancer cells and fibroblasts contributes to the establishment of a pro-invasive tumour microenvironment’.

As one of Cancer Research UK’s core-funded institutes, the Beatson Institute (www.beatson.gla.ac.uk/) performs a programme of world-class science directed at understanding key aspects of cancer cell behaviour, and tries to translate these discoveries into new therapies and diagnostic/prognostic tools to help cancer patients. The Institute benefits from close interactions with the University of Glasgow, including strong links with the University’s Institute of Cancer Sciences.

AMSBio is a rapidly growing company focused on the supply and development of products and technology for cancer research with emphasise on apoptosis, DNA damage and repair, and cancer cell function and behavior. AMSBio supplies focused research products for cancer research that allow researchers to study cancer cell function and behavior including in angiogenesis, cell invasion and PARP and PARG research. Together with specifically designing assays for lead compound and genotoxic screening based on DNA damage and repair and cancer cell behavior, AMSBio is establishing itself as a leading international provider of cancer research tools and services.


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